Son number two came home today with an announcement. 

Someone at work has parents who are being tested. He feels fine.  His children feel fine.  But the kids were with his parents only eight days ago.  So now, he wonders:  what sort of limitations does he need to put onto himself?

Just hours before, I read online about Germany locking down an entire city again… and that the entire European community is considering closing their borders to Americans (and a few other countries).

This virus brings challenges.  During the day, I would have even said that all seemed “normal” for a change.  But then, just hours later, we are all thrown right back into the questioning of how to live in the face of a pandemic. 

There is little good, really, about what we are living through.  All of us.  All over the planet. 

I suppose that leads me to another realization of the largest silver lining of the entire situation.  Each and every day, we are forced to recognize how much each of our actions can impact another person’s life. 

It’s good to remember this, I think.