The sun comes up early at this time of year.  It comes up even earlier when you are further north.  By 4.30 AM, I have three teenagers—and two dogs–up and out the door, ready to look for more moose. We find them best at dawn and dusk (and between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day).  An early start—and a late finish—are guaranteed for moosing.

When we come back two and a half hours later, two crawl back in bed.  But Spanish daughter number three stays up.  She has a bit more to finish for her work for school.  She has many plans for her final days in the USA; the countdown to departure has begun. 

Soon it’s time to head back out and explore some more.  We add to her state count when we pass over into Maine.  She’s splashed in the rocky waterfall in one of Maine’s (nearly empty) state parks.  She has great video of a moose just outside our car. 

By the time the day is over, our official wildlife count stands at seven moose, three deer, three rabbits, three baby foxes, two mice (not in the rental cabin—just on trails!) and one bear.  Seven moose!  One bear!  She’s thrilled… and our silver lining trip is well worth the trip.