It’s cold.

It’s January; I know it is supposed to be cold.  Current temperature is 4 F, but feels like -9 F.  The high today was only 12 F.  If that didn’t feel too chilly, here’s the conversion to Celsius.  The current temperature is -15 C, with a feel-like of -23 C.  The high was -11 C.

I remain convinced that the USA won’t change to Celsius like the rest of the world because winter would seem even colder in the northern region.  (A virtual tip of the hat to our hearty neighbors up north in Canada!)

Tonight, I find myself saying “thanks” to COVID.  I have no obligations, no opportunities for socializing.  I intend to give the rabbits and chickens another round of water… and then curl up, warm and cozy, on a couch with blankets and a dog or two.  Silver lining for the cold!