It may be November, but lacrosse is never far from our family’s minds.  Like pretty much everyone involved in spring sports, our daughter missed her season last March/April/May.

Now, with soccer over, she is actively recruiting a friend into the sport.  (I love her optimism: she is not even considering the season will be cancelled yet again in March 2021.) 

There are no winter sports starting up yet.  The state of Vermont has opted for a later start, not until the end of November for practices to even start up.  Games won’t begin until the middle of January. 

All of this, of course, is subject to change as the COVID diagnoses increase around the nation.  This morning’s local newspaper displayed headlines of two schools—just up the road and down the road—who are going back to completely remote instruction because of students who are sick. 

For right now, our district is sticking to our one day per week in-person schedule.  That day was today for her, and she headed off with two lacrosse sticks in hand. 

After she finished classes this afternoon, she and her friend headed to what our high school terms “the wall”.  It’s  an interior courtyard, enclosed by three brick walls with minimal windows to break (as lacrosse balls at a high school have a tendency to do).  Another friend saw them walking by with the sticks, and he opted to join in, too. 

An hour after school was done, I found the three of them still there, tossing and catching, smiling and laughing. 

The silver lining of winter sports delay meant they had the time for lacrosse this afternoon. 

But the true silver lining, I think, is the stubborn resiliency they show.  While I might be worried about the news and the chances of us all going back to completely remote… they are just taking it in stride, looking for fun for today. 

They have the right attitude.