My daughter doesn’t ask for much these days. 

Since March of last year, she’s been largely confined to home.  She finished her freshman year with no in-person school and no lacrosse season.  Every summer plan we devised was subsequently canceled—except for the one we made on the fly, which allowed her to stay in the Midwest with family in late June. 

The fall semester allowed for soccer playing, albeit with masks, open windows on buses and no pasta parties, trips to watch other soccer teams or socialization before or after the games. 

Still, the soccer season had one huge benefit for her:  she made a new friend.  They have not been able to get together much—school rules don’t allow for multi-household gatherings.  But the Vermont rules do allow for people to get together for exercise, only two at a time. 

It’s not a bad way to enjoy a friend’s company—it’s certainly the main way I can see my own friends.  Today marks the third time the two of them have found a time to get together and hike around in the cold. 

The silver lining?  It’s a bit more exercise for her, in a year—and especially in a season—when it’s far to easy to hibernate!