I have finally accomplished one of those tasks that seems to remain on the to-do list forever:  organize the digital photos from my cell phone.  Spurred to action because my current phone is slowly dying, I spent several hours today filing three years’ of photos into specific folders.

I have just re-viewed all those events. I am amazed at all we have done and how much we have packed into our lives.  This year’s break from our normality makes the difference even more stark.

I am also reminded of how breathtakingly beautiful our area is—in all seasons.  The green of summer will soon turn to the splendor of fall, which then cedes to the quiet majesty of winter, before returning to the life-affirming colors of spring. 

I am almost thankful for the enforced slowdown today—almost.  My silver lining is a pleasant virtual walk down memory lane (and getting the task completed is a huge bonus as well!).