I know most of the world now has a love/hate relationship with Zoom call, webinars, chats and the myriad of other virtual ways we gather these days.  So many people spend so many hours talking about so many things in these ubiquitous on-screen, not-in-person meetings.   

Me?  I’m still firmly on the side of loving them.  Yes, they can be difficult to make sure no one talks over someone yes.  Yes, it’s kind of strange to see myself on camera.  Yes, sometimes they cut out for a few minutes.

But on the flip side?  This afternoon, I spent ninety minutes listening in on strategic planning for an organization I’ve just become involved with. 

Then, with no travel time at all, I jumped onto a webinar—hosted by someone in the United Kingdom, with attendees from all over the world.

Immediately after that one ended, I logged into the next Zoom meeting.  This was a very productive board meeting, lasting for one hour and forty-five minutes. 

I’m a bit exhausted, sure.  But I feel very productive, too.  A silver lining for today!