The week the country closed down in March, I had one appointment booked that I was looking forward to.  I was going to get my hair done. But, of course, that was cancelled.

Finally, today, about four months later, I was able to go.  I am a much happier person because of it.

The silver lining, though, was listening to the hair stylists and all that they are going through, just to work.  There is a face mask mandate, and they all have had to learn how to work around the straps.  Then there is a face guard requirement, meaning that all of them must wear plastic shields.  Sometimes those fog over, and they can’t see.

They also can’t “double book”.  So while one client is in a chair, waiting for some product to work its wonder, that’s it for them, too.  Normally, they would bring in another client, and cut their hair, too.  Now, they just sit.  As my stylist explained, it means “more hours worked, but less money.” 

Today’s silver lining for me was learning about how their world worked … and appreciating my hair stylist’s expertise even more, which I tried to reflect in my tip.