As I write this, the sound of the sander reverberates up the stairway from the basement.  Plus, there is that “special” odor of polyurethane permeating out from the kitchen, causing my head to pound.  Half of the main kitchen countertop and half of the dining room table have disappeared under slabs of wood. 

But… it’s beautiful.

The various pieces each have unique markings etched in them, each one its own work of art.  Various shades of blue snake through one.  Another has a sort of dark gold working its way across, accompanied by a dark brown stain that sets off its mahogany tones. 

It’s the latest thing my husband and oldest son have ventured into.  They attach a transformer onto the two ends of the slab of wood, and then they watch (with an almost scary amount of glee and enthusiasm) as the current burns its way across. 

They have taken videos of the process.  They share photos with another friend who is also playing around in his workshop.  They watch Youtube videos to learn more. 

The college senior would normally be back at school already.  My husband would typically be out watching high school basketball games, maybe an occasional hockey match.

Time to be creative?  Another silver lining.