My two daughters and I go out together on Saturday mornings for grocery shopping.  This is now our big outing for the week.  We have a routine where I hit up produce, meat and dairy.  The girls hit the other sections.  We are in and out much more quickly.

Today, in the car on both the way over and the way back, we were talking about favorite friends of ours from church.  They are in that “most vulnerable” population and they have taken the precautions seriously.  They jokingly call their son “the warden” as he has them on lockdown.  He has carefully orchestrated their comings and goings for almost three months—and supplied them with whatever they need.

Still, the girls and I decided that bringing them good cheer would be a nice idea today.  We headed to one of our favorite garden stores, and I let each of them choose a plant.  I thought one more would round it out nicely, and we paid.

We delivered our flowers with outstretched arms through the car window, and proceeded to have a nice chat.

We would not have thought to do something like this, had it not been for our current situation.  All three of us claimed it as one of our “two good things of the day”, too. 

Here’s to our silver lining of remembering others on this lovely Saturday. 

And here’s to continuing to think of others more when we reach the other side.