It’s the end of the Monday of Labor Day weekend.  I don’t typically feel very rested at the end of this day. 

I remember last year included grocery shopping to accommodate Spanish daughter number three’s wants (which were never that taxing)—and the visiting vegetarian Austrian exchange student’s needs.  There were trips to get soccer equipment sorted out and a tour of the high school. 

Not this year.  No exchange student in our home.  No exchange students needing help finding things.  No host families to screen or give orientations to.  No local fair to attend.

Instead, my son helped me put pumpkins out.  I took the puppy over to a friend’s for a romp with their two dogs, through their yard and in and out of the pond.  A friend came over for a long walk.  I planted mums.  My husband and I watched some television together.   

At the end of his weekend, I realized my silver lining for Labor Day weekend 2020:  this whole weekend was just about perfect!