Today I started out my morning the same way that I ended yesterdays:  a casual stroll (ie, hike in my vernacular) around the lodge, looking for the elusive mother moose and her yearling.  I found where they bedded down regularly.  I found numerous offerings of their choice of twigs.  I found trails where they go back and forth.  In the morning, I even found a fresh pile of moose droppings—right next to where I am sure they sleep.  Those were not there at sunset; I found them at sunrise. 

We decided to head into North Conway, home to outlet malls.  We started with a search for “really good coffee and tea”, truly embracing banal creature comforts again.   We sought—and found—bargains, buying ahead for the holiday season and upcoming kids’ birthdays. 

We took the Kangamangus Highway home.  (If you have not done it, please do put this on your bucket list for New England!)  We stopped frequently—the colors were better every day of this trip—and photographed the overlook vistas without restraint. 

With the mercury returning to the low 80s and the sun shining fully, it is easy to find the silver lining for today. Driving through the White Mountains in late September is a gift.