Here’s yet one more thing I’ve realized I know nothing about:  audio editing. Better yet, after a few attempts, I was struck by yet another epiphany:  I don’t think I want to know more about audio editing.

But if you want to produce an audio book, it requires some editing—and that left me in a bit of a pickle, until I turned to is a website which matches folks from all over the world for the new “gig economy,” Fiverr’s term for short-term needs that are very specific and require specialized knowledge.  Editing audio materials fits perfectly with their model.

For the past month and a half, I’ve been working with a kind fellow in the United Kingdom on the project of turning written Silver Linings into audio format, to be put up as podcasts and an audio book.  He’s efficient—and infinitely more knowledgeable than me. 

Learning about a gig economy?  Working collaboratively with someone far away?  Today’s silver lining!