I spoke with my two sisters today.  They both have two elementary age daughters—and they both have become de facto homeschooling moms.  

It’s not so bad for the fifth grader.  It’s a lot harder for the youngest, who is only in second grade.  She has her study packets—many of which are really well thought out and imaginative.  But then there is the initiative on the part of the student—and plain old desire to do homework when it is a lot more fun to watch screens, ask Mom questions and just procrastinate.  Of course, at the same time, work demands continue for the parents.  In fact, they have multiplied as everyone adjusts to a new way of doing things.

We have all decided that a silver lining for the teachers is a newfound gratitude for all the hard work done by teachers everywhere.  Really, all parents I know have always been grateful for teachers.  We were believers in the value of what teachers do, and the professional dedication that surrounds our children when they are in their brick and mortar halls of learning.  

After several weeks of trying to be parent, employee and teacher, we are anxious to have you—and your students–back in the classroom!