Today’s temperatures reached 80 degrees, rather high for late September in southern Vermont.  I’m not complaining (of course), and I happily put on shorts and sandals yet again.  After last week’s frosty nights, the sunshine for the past few days leaves everyone just a bit cheerier.

For all of us in the northern hemisphere, we came out of lockdown just as days were getting warmer and longer.  We used this to our advantage in so many ways.  Indoor dining deemed dangerous?  It doesn’t matter, it’s so nice outside anyway!  Classrooms inside the building could spread the virus?  We have tents with lots of breezes coming through!  Need to wait in a line because there are too many people in a store?  Take a break for a few minutes in the summer sun!  Seeing people in their homes is not allowed?  Go for a walk instead—it’s healthier anyway! 

Although we can all worry about what’s coming next, I’m trying to learn to live in the moment more during all this.  For all us in northern climates, the timing of this virus has been a silver lining so far!