Another beautiful day in Vermont! 

The air has shifted towards those true New England cool evenings and clear mornings.  While I find it a bit chilly when the temperatures cruise towards the low 50s (or even upper 40s in the elevations), a cool night means better sleeping for everyone.

I find an odd silver lining today.  The virus, the hysteria, the uncertainty for the future… all of it fades away for a while today.  I notice the sparkle of the dew on the grass.  I photograph the morning’s soft glow on the table with its six flower arrangements marching down the middle. I linger with the chickens for a bit, listening to their soft clucking.  I listen to the bird’s songs outside my office window.

These are gifts that are here, if I stop to be present for long enough.  It happens with or without a virus and international upheaval of life as we know it.

Wow.  I realize that my silver lining for today is having this reminder thrown starkly in my face.  I need to remember this!