For the almost all of the past 25 years, this Sunday has been the day when I have been setting up booths for a trade show. I’ve usually also had an international group—and I would be pulling together the final pieces for an international dairying course. 

Today I was not in Madison, Wisconsin preparing for World Dairy Expo. 

Instead, I was home. I have spent it watering plants, doing laundry, cleaning floors, baking bread and making pear sauce.  I have felt no pressure, stuck to no schedule, and faced no last-minute requests.

It feels strange. 

But it also feels oddly relaxing—which is a silver lining, too.  I hope that 2020 is a weird year, and that next year I’ll be back in the Midwest for the end of September and early October.  I will admit, though:  today’s pace was nice!