One more day of shelter-in-place.  One more day of kids on computers, hopefully doing their classes, and me wondering whether they really are and how much I should be watching over their shoulders.  One more day of middle child waiting to go back to work.  One more day of news I’d rather avoid. 

I’m being pushed hard today to find the silver lining. 

But then I look outside. 

The sun is shining.  The tulips are blooming.  The daffodils are smiling.  The forsythia’s yellow sticks out against the bareness of the trees behind it.

Because it’s not raining… because kids are home…because it’s a wonderful spring day…because we are healthy… 

We are home, together, with the dogs.  They’ve been taken outside for running, puppy playtime (both dogs-age is not important for this) and to help with daily chores. 

We’ve had our daily family walk.  The Lab took advantage of the loop’s water attractions and went into both her swimming holes.  The Berner practiced her “mountain dogging”, showing off her affinity for climbing and posing majestically on top of any pile of dirt. 

The dogs do not see this as one more day of anything.  They live in the moment.  And they have declared this moment very good indeed.

The dogs have it: they have discovered the silver lining for us all today!