As we pack up to leave the state campground this morning, we realize that the published departure time is 11 AM.  But at check-in, they made it clear that it is 10 AM. 

“It’s for the cleaning and sanitizing they have to do, because of COVID-19,” my friend comments.  She had observed them with special chemicals, coming to each campsite as someone left.  “They really have to do the bathrooms.”

As I think about it, the public “comfort stations” had been really quite clean—amazingly so for a state campground, actually.  

I am also now remembering that the pull-offs on I-90 were rather pristine.  There was someone in almost every one of them, too. 

And in Maine, back when we were “moosing” in June… those sinks (next to a composting toilet) in the state parks… also clearly sterilized. 

A small silver lining in an era of so much uncertainty about being out and about:  bathrooms you notice for their sparkle and shine. 

(And thank you, to the many workers who are diligently cleaning so often!)