Friday morning.  The Friday before Memorial Day weekend, the “unofficial beginning of summer”.  I’m amazed at how fast May has gone by.  March was interminable, April was slow.  But May is flying. 

Perhaps we are all getting used to this new pace?  The two high schoolers had a very slow day today.  Fridays are set aside for “catching up,” but they were already caught up and instead used the day to soak up the warmth and the sun.  I used it to try to finish up the website update I’ve been working on.  The men of the household used the late afternoon to start the weekend’s project. We’re all on paths towards the completion of something.

I “lost” some time today, however—but I’m going to go ahead and recognize it as the gain that it is. I spoke with both of my sisters: one at the beginning of the workday and one at the end.  There is a deeper level to our conversations right now.  These past months have brought different workloads and unique work environments, sharpened economic realities, strange possible opportunities, and challenges to life balance. 

The silver lining I find in all this is the chance to shift through some of these discussions with my sisters.  In the end, the three of us know each other pretty well after all these years.  We are fiercely supportive of each other, and supremely confident that our sisters are great people. 

At the end of this Friday, I am thankful for the silver lining reminder of the blessing it is to be a part of a sisterhood of three.  (Now I have a plan for tomorrow:  call Mom to thank her for her happy role in this silver lining, too!)