One of the things that I have missed during the pandemic has been clothes shopping with my sister.  There’s nothing like the fun we’ve had going through merchandise and holding it up to each other.  We have amused ourselves for hours as we peruse the racks, exclaiming “This one is so cute!” or “Ummm… not sure this one hit the mark?”

But we’ve not been able to do that during the past year.  The last time we went shopping together was in September of last fall—the last time we were physically together was October, over half a year ago now.   I have found a sounding board with my daughter, which I appreciate.  I still miss my sister’s opinion, though.

Today, I found a denim jacket that was finally long enough to fit the way I wanted it to.  It was offered in two colors:  a washed-out denim and a darker denim.  My daughter felt strongly that the washed-out version was better; I disagreed, and preferred the darker wash.  We decided to call in a third opinion, and, using the marvels of Facetime and cell phone technology, my sister soon broke the tie.  “Sorry,” she said to my daughter, “but I’m agreeing with your mother on this one.”  It’s nice to know that we can “shop” together—from miles away.  Another silver lining found!