Tonight we are all crowded into the camper for the very first time.  Oldest son has a foldout sofa bed, second son has a mattress on the floor and daughter has a recliner that she insists will be “perfect to sleep on”.  We parents get a bed up two stairs.  We have placed one dog bed on the floor, even though we have brought both dogs.  We know that at least one (and likely both) will end up with someone. 

We wrestle with blankets, sheets, pillows and the mattress.  We adjust chargers and electrical cords.  By only 9 PM, we are all in own beds, curled up with books, phones—and dogs.

It’s an endearing scene that I hope endures in my memory.  Again, we were not supposed to be able to do this as a family this summer.  While many plans have been shunted aside, at least this one has slid into place.  It’s our family silver lining for today.