I had to run through Walmart today, and I entered with a specific list in purchases mind.  But I also like to look.

I have been known to find something fun to add into our seasonal decorations, especially now, the week before Thanksgiving.

Back when son #2 was around two years old, I took him through Walmart around this time of year.  We went through the section of decorations that sing, like those chickens that dance or the Santas that say “ho ho ho” when you push a button.  Even though this was almost twenty years ago, I still remember how delighted he was when we discovered a turkey that sang “Rockin’ Robin, tweet, tweet, Rockin’ Robin”.  He sat in the cart, laughing to himself as he repeatedly pushed that button, all the way around the store.  I had no intention of buying that turkey, of course… but he has sat on our November family table ever since. 

As a matter of fact, when the batteries corroded inside him one year, and he stopped his song and dance, I went out and found a similar one.  This one starts with “Ya’ll having a good time?” and then breaks into a jazzy tune. 

We now have two toy turkeys.  And yes, various family members still push their buttons, and we still laugh at them as they scuttle around.   It’s even been a particular source of joy to show them to various dogs through the years, and watch their responses.

Today, I saw a few Thanksgiving things out at Wally World.  I just glanced over at them.  We will not be hosting anyone here beyond our immediate family.  It seemed silly to look for anything else.

My husband is happy when I walk out of Walmart with less stuff.  I think he’ll take that silver lining for today, and I suppose that one technically wins the “true” silver lining designation for tonight.

But personally?  I am stuck on remembering the giggling two year-old who still lives down deep inside the twenty year-old young man… all caused by my looking around for something good that happened because of the pandemic.  I love the adults my children have grown into, but sometimes I miss their younger versions.  Being reminded of that… it is a nice silver lining for me.