We’ve done it.  After getting in around midnight, we’re awakening to cousins, aunts, Uncle Al and Gramma. 

We are excited to see each other, but we refrain from lots of hugs and definitely, we don’t share kisses.  Instead, we sit on the porch with a bit more distance than we might have otherwise done.  We still enjoy the cool breeze of the morning.  We listen to the birds, trying to identify their individual calls.  We scan the pasture in front of us, looking for the deer who frequent the far side.

We have no agenda for this day.  What we normally do is cancelled or just not prudent.  Instead, it’s all about just being together. The girls ride bikes and work on craft projects.  The adults catch up, share laughs and talk some more.

We end our day feeling more relaxed than we normally are–our silver lining for today.