Today, my silver lining was the gift of time in a quieter office.

Although it frightens me (a lot, if I stop to think about it), there is a dramatic slowdown in the amount of emails, phone calls and messages–text, What’s App, Facebook, Skype and Linked In. 

And those who do reach out are not demanding, but more inquisitive. 

Everyone, all the way around the world, is in the same boat.  There is a calmness, a resigned acceptance of the present–as long as we don’t look too far ahead and get caught up in the panic about the future. 

So, for today, I can catch up on the bookkeeping that usually gets pushed back.  I can think through the design of a web page without interruptions.  I can plan–maybe only dream–about what I might be doing on the other side of this. 

This silver lining is truly on the underside of the cloud of darkness of the doom and gloom that is threatening. 

But the silver part is there, if only I look hard enough.