Big news happened in February in our house: I brought home a puppy.

She’s lovely, and there is much more to say about her–and I promise I will write–at a later time.

She arrived on February 20th.  I had things set up to keep her occupied while I was in the office, and I had a plan for where she would be if I had to go out to run errands.  We followed those ideas–and they worked well–for about three weeks. 

Then, all of our schedules changed.  People are suddenly, pretty much ALWAYS, at home. There is no need for her to “get used to a crate” in the car: someone holds her if she is riding along.  There is no worry that she “will be lonely”; she’s never alone. 

Most importantly, she gets to know all of the family.  Because, again, we are all… well, home. 

So son number one usually does the last take-out before bed.  It warms my heart to watch him scoop her up and carry her down the stairs (because “she’s too tired to walk”).  Son number two is teaching her how not to be scared of hats and pulled up hoodies.  (This is his new favorite style while he desperately needs a haircut.  It’s not a bad look for him right now, honestly.)

The two daughters play with her constantly.  Spanish daughter #3 has taught her a few tricks.  And our youngest daughter–just today–has finally convinced the older Lab to play tug with the puppy. 

My husband?  Should I admit that I keep finding the puppy curled up next to him in bed?  (“She was whining.  She wanted up here.”) 

Silver lining for all!