Puppy Playtime (Silver Linings, 8-26-2020)

puppy playtime

August 27, 2020

Have you seen the news reports about the shortage of pets to adopt during COVID-19?

I can attest—happily—to this fact!  My sister has a Golden Retriever.   One friend just picked up a Yellow Lab last weekend; two have received long-awaited rescues mixes in the past month.  Another Bernese Mountain Dog joined our community about a month after our own.

But best of all is the friend who had a litter of Irish Setters.  We’ve had the immense pleasure of watching them grow–from their first moments after birth to 30+ pounds of constant, swirling red balls of unstoppable energy. Their family kept one young male for themselves.  The wife’s brother claimed another, one more went to their adult son, and yet another is now a beloved dog of a neighbor.  

This afternoon, I brought our Aspen over to play with young Rose, her brother Lupo and their mother Faye. 

The weather was perfect, highs around 80 under brilliant blue skies.  My friends’ property includes a small pond—also perfect for dogs to splash and swim in.  The puppy exuberance held steady for at least an hour.  Even though I had an appointment I was supposed to leave for, I couldn’t do it.  It just wasn’t fair to tell mine to leave until all of them were completely worn out.   

A silver lining for the dogs… and the people who love them!

Silver Linings…

started as my personal response to 2020’s global pandemic of COVID-19.  When I published them locally,  I was surprised by how much people responded to them.


I hope they bring some positivity to you, too, during this unsettling time

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