As of right now, this evening, today, finally….

I have learned how to publish a book in the Kindle format.  Tomorrow I hope to make it LIVE.  It’s exciting!!

(And somewhat terrifying.  (Will anyone read it?))

But it’s an easy, obvious answer for today’s search for the silver lining.  I have long wanted to do write a book.  As a matter of fact, at one audacious point in my “master plan for life”, I wanted to do this about 13 years earlier.  (This makes me think of the whole “life happens while you are making plans”…)

Without the slowdown in the economy… without this pause in the work I normally do… without this necessity that I felt to start really, strongly looking for the positives to come out of a very negative situation….

Without all that, I would never have brought this project to life.

I’m choosing to dwell on the satisfaction of completion, just for today.