After quite a bit of thought, I finally decided what I wanted to present to my three virtual exchange students: an overview of the state of Vermont.

This afternoon, I spent a few hours looking up statistics and information.  I learned a few things myself. Did you know that if you look at the ratio of cows to people, Vermont wins first place?  Or that Vermont’s capital, Montpelier, is the only state capital in the entire country without a McDonalds?  It seems the population of Montpelier—only 7,000—doesn’t justify the investment.

Then I worked on a fun project:  a slide show to show the students around my area.  I looked through my photos for all four seasons, and I even found a video of sledding down our driveway to include.

I wonder if the young man from Indonesia will like the snow shots?  Or if the Ukrainian will comment that her area looks similar?  And what the fellow from Kyrgyzstan will find the most interesting?

Prepping to “share my America” tomorrow turned into today’s silver lining.  It was rather a gift to be reminded of the many positives of my chosen home state!