Writing—and publishing—your thoughts is uniquely personal.  It’s one thing to type out what you think about something.  It’s another level to share it with a friend, and one more scary step to put it out where everyone can see it.  And it’s the ultimate act of courage to publish it, complete with a price tag.

From what I hear, I am not the first person to go through the entire process of writing the text, paying someone to edit it, crafting a cover, fighting through the formatting process and carefully creating the accompany sales blurb—all culminating in sitting in front of the computer screen, staring at the Amazon “publish” button with a mixture of enthusiasm tempered by abject fear.

What if no one buys it? 

What if I bare my soul to complete strangers, and they laugh? 

What if people I know read it and hate it?

Today, an email arrived from a neighbor friend.  The last time I saw her (naturally, out on one of my many walks with a friend and her dog), she commented that my book was next in line on her nightstand.  I had forgotten about that encounter, and I certainly was not expecting a review from her.   

Her subject line conveyed warm enthusiasm: “Wrote a review—fun book!” She shared what she had submitted to Amazon… and her words filled me with warm, fuzzy feelings that have lingered long after I read them, creating my silver lining for today.