Yesterday morning, Alexa, the digital assistant from Amazon, surprised me while “telling me the news”.  The top story?  President Trump and First Lady Melania had both been positively diagnosed with COVID-19.

It was the first thing I told my second son when I saw him in the morning.  My daughter and I discussed the chain of command in general, while she drove in on the way to school.  My oldest son arrived home for a weekend visit from college; he had lots to say about it.  His girlfriend came over, and she shared her thoughts.  My husband and I mused about the implications for the election.  

We are not a particularly political family, although certainly it is a house full of differing viewpoints.  We can agree on some basics.  And we have agreed to disagree on some finer policy points. 

Because it’s just easier in general, we will all vote by mail this year.  The ballots have been setting on my desk for a couple of weeks now.  It’s time to open up the envelopes and fill them out.  It might as well be this weekend, too:  we’re all thinking about the presidential race anyway and everyone is here.

Who would have thought that a silver lining of COVID-19 would be a greater political awareness by an entire family?