Since around April, I have been receiving almost daily meditations. It’s a nice connection to a community I can’t really see for a while. 

Today’s reflection is a Celtic blessing, and I have to admit I am always quite partial to anything Celtic.  I am repeating it here:

May the strength of the wind and

The light of the sun,

The softness of the rain and

The mystery of the moon

Reach you and fill you.

May beauty delight you and

Happiness uplift you,

May wonder fulfill you and

Love surround you.

May your step by steady and

Your arm be strong.

May your heart be peaceful and

Your word be true.

May you seek to learn,

May you learn to live,

May you live to love, and

May you love—always.

It is my “silver lining” today.  I am touched by its words and the overall feeling it brings.