I am back to doing my least favorite thing in my office, the dreaded accounting.  It’s year-end tax time; I can’t put it off any further.  I am putting in quite a few credit card charges under the category of “continuing education”.  I’ve definitely spent more than a normal year in this area.

I notice that I’ve spent more than usual on what I’ve categorized as “continuing education”. 

I’ve found online gurus in a lot of topics that have drawn me in.  I’m working through some of those courses each day.

I’ve heard of people trying to come out of this strange year (or more) with “pandemic hot bodies”.  They have dedicated their time to the gym.

I’ve put in the hours for learning, with big dreams for increasing my business skills. Maybe it will lead to a “pandemic hot mind”–who knows?

In any case, it will be a great silver lining if it all pays off as I hope!