I made a promise to my virtual exchange students:  they would see maple sugaring in March! 

The only problem with this idea?  The weather didn’t cooperate.  On the day I had scheduled for our meeting, it was too cold.  The sap didn’t run.

“No matter,” I said.  “I’ll make a video.” Now, I am not a videographer, but I figured it could not be all that hard. 

As usual, my optimism proved me wrong, and I ran into numerous editing problems.  The project I thought would take just a few minutes quickly turned into a major time drain as I researched various technical pieces of information. 

I even crashed my computer entirely by the evening—too many demands on a too-full hard drive will do that.  This did not make the “two good things of the day” list, and I left the office completely frustrated. 

But in the end, that was also my silver lining:  I was forced to tackle the long-put-off project of moving photos to an external drive, creating space so that I could work.