We are still on the official COVID quarantine lockdown today. 

But there was progress.  At 9:20 this morning, my husband, Son #2 and I all excitedly sat in our car—along with our two dogs.  When it was out turn, and the nurse came to our car window, we happily confirmed our names and dates of birth. 

Today is the second test—the one that holds the power to get us out of quarantine and back into our “normal lives”.  (Well, as “normal” as all the COVID protections allow for.)  None of us have symptoms, and so we expect to have negative test results appear in the health department portal tomorrow morning.  We’re anxiously awaiting our “get out of jail free” cards.

But in the meantime, we had one more day.  It was a snowy/rainy/kind of ugly day today, just as predicted.  I chose to use it by writing my second book.  I have just started, and today I added on chapters three and four.  It seemed like perfect way to “celebrate” what we hope to be our last day in quarantine. My silver lining? Indulging myself with taking time to work on a pet project.