It’s February, and Old Man Winter has been showing off for much of this month.  The USA has seen nearly every February trick he has.  Ice storms in the Pacific Northwest.  Bitter windchills—for days and now even weeks–the Upper Midwest.  Blizzards through the Plains.  Record cold in Texas, even leading to rolling blackouts because the power grid is overtaxed.  A rare February tornado in the Southeast.  Snow dumps in the Great Lakes.  Nor’easters in the Northeast.   

Looking at the wide swaths of “wintry mix” headed our way, the local school superintendent cried uncle last night, and our kids have another snow day.

But even as the snow/ice/rain slush fell outside, the Zoom world continued without a hiccup.  This morning, I went through an interview process with five people.  All of us were seated in home offices, all of us completely comfortable talking through the questions through a video camera.  No one cancelled because of road conditions, no delays were created.

Business as usual.  Another silver lining.