During the entire month of November, I consciously push myself to be more “grateful”.  I look for ways to appreciate friends and family, send notes, try to remember to actually say “thank you” more. I suppose it would not be a surprise to admit to you that I strive to do this daily for these thirty days.  (And it should not be a shock for me to note that I am not 100% successful each year in my attempts.)

Yesterday and today, I’ve sent out some notes to two people whose actions have had a profound impact on me.  In both cases, I am not a “known person” to them, just one of many who read their blogs or see their newsletters. 

But when I think back on it, this whole project of “Silver Linings” came about because of things that they both asked.  They urged their readers to think of ways of how our lives were not only different—but better—during the craziness of 2020. 

Simple questions, right? 

They turned into something so much deeper for me.  In my case, those ponderings ended up pushing me into a new mindset… which I wrote about in our local paper… and then decided to publish into this book…

The whole process of one person being able to so dramatically impact another, just through a short question in the middle of extreme negativity… that’s the silver lining I find for tonight.