We have a family group text going between we three sisters. Today’s quick messages were full of joy for a great spring day–corona virus or not:

“Just sat down on the porch. Can I just say how happy I am and blessed I feel to get to live here with my family.” She goes on to talk about how they have spent part of the day with two mundane chores: cleaning out the dryer vent and bleeding the hot water heater.

The answer came quickly from another: “I’m cleaning my laundry area! It’s a beautiful day here. Still hopeful we’ll get a long walk in, too. I just really want to get this done.”

“Just finished a 3.3 mile hike around the pond. We did not get lost. Hurrah!”

I look back on this particular Sunday, and I feel like the silver lining is the same for every member of the family.

Life has slowed down. We are turning attention to those pesky tasks that are always there, sure. But then we are noticing other things, too. The sound of the peepers at the pond. The soft breath of spring on the breeze. The sun’s warmth. The joy of just being with family.

One more day of “not normal”… and one more silver lining noticed.