Today met most people’s definition of “perfect summer day”.  The temperature hit about 82 or 85.  Low humidity.  High, puffy clouds.  Blue sky from all sides.

Every member of our family lived today in their own way.  Two got up early and appreciated the early morning light.  Some slept in.  Several took naps. 

Four went to work.  Two completed year-end class assignments.  Two are on college break.

One visited with friends and held puppies at a friend’s house.  Three biked along the Green River.  Two worked on finishing an outdoor project.  Three set up a tent, so that one could camp out tonight. 

At the end of this busy day, I am realizing something kind of strange.  This day felt different.  It was… well, “normal.”

It’s been a long time since things felt like today feels. 

There was nothing that extraordinary about today.  It was a very nice day for everyone, and I’ll happy take many more just like today, thank you very much. 

My silver lining, I recognize, is our new found appreciation for “normal.”