Today brought yet another blow to the family’s summer schedule:  our favorite lacrosse tournament in Lake Placid, New York, is now cancelled.  For our two sons, who are out of high school, this is their only lacrosse tournament now.  

The annual event has been a part of our August for the past five years, and we’ve usually made it into a family event.  That was our plan for this time, too.

It seems particularly cruel to the recently graduated seniors on the team.  They already lost their final year in high school; now their summer tournament finale is gone, too. 

I am finding it hard to find that proverbial silver lining in this one.  But, this was our one commitment. Without the tournament, we have an entirely free summer at this point.

I can’t remember when this last happened?  Maybe before our oldest son, who turns 22 in December? 

So, cheers to the freedom of readjusting.  Cheers to creating new traditions. Cheers to being reminded that we are still well, still together as a family, and that these things should not be taken for granted.  And, yes, cheers to learning, yet again, to appreciate the moment we are in, right now.  It will never be exactly like this again.