In preparation for the governor’s request to essentially stay home as much as possible after 10 PM tonight, my daughter and I are out running errands.  We stop to take some photos. We return things at two stores.  We carefully consider choices for our upcoming family Christmas photo.  We laugh together at some unique holiday décor. She patiently watches me try on several pairs of boots; I support her efforts in finding a fun Christmas mug (complete with a candy-cane shaped spoon).

We don’t do this sort of day too often.  I will sometimes take a friend when I have this sort of stuff to do, or maybe just do it all alone.  But we are not supposed to be in cars with friends, not really supposed to be with friends inside at all, and after 10 PM, no longer really supposed to see friends.   

But… it’s OK.  The wonderful silver lining for today is that I want to be with my daughter running errands on a Saturday.  We spend a lot of time in the same space these days.  It feels right to do this fun stuff together, too!