This should be the one in-person day of school my daughter has this week—followed by a soccer game.  She packed a bag for the day last night, readying herself for the full day of classes followed by the bus trip with the windows wide open.

But there is a health questionnaire every morning.  It lists off the symptoms of COVID—which, of course, mimic the symptoms of almost any other malaise, including the common cold.  She has a bit of a sore throat and is snuffling about.  It’s surely nothing; her brother just had the same thing for a few days.  But, we’ve done the safe thing, and she’s home for the day.

She’s frustrated, disgusted with missing the match and bored with little to do. 

As the day goes on, I realize that my day’s activities have become highlights for her.  When I need to take the dog in for a vet check, she’s eager to go along and practice driving.  When I stop to take a photo of the fall color that just doesn’t stop this year, she’s right there with her camera, too.  When I say I’m taking the dogs over to see their friends, she rides along. 

Now, as the day is winding down, I am realizing yet again that these are the moments life is made of… and we got to share them together.   I’m kind of grateful for the COVID rules today.  They made my silver lining.