Early this afternoon, my daughter had an important question.  “Mom, what movie should I watch?  Jingle Jangle or 48 Holiday Wishes?” 

I thought for two seconds.  “Holiday Wishes.  It’s always good to have wishes.”  She laughed and trotted upstairs to the couch.

She’s watched a holiday-themed show every day since December 1st, and it seems likely she’ll keep it up through at least December 25th

In a typical year, watching a movie every day would cause me to feel like she is wasting time.  Surely there are more productive things to do with those two or so hours?

But it is 2020.  Her homework is done.  Her grades are fine.  She has no sports, no clubs, no opportunities to meet up with friends in person.  She’s done her chores. 

Silver lining for today?  Less nagging! It’s good for the entire family!