My sister passed a link to me.  It was from a human resource guru she follows:  Mark Murphy.  He is a noted expert on organizational leadership and employee engagement.

His short video clip said this:

“The past twelve months have been incredibly tough for most people.  Any normal person is going to look around and see a pretty stressful world, filled with anxiety, tension, and all sorts of terrible things.  There is a psychological skill called benefit finding–it’s when people can actually find some benefits amidst tough situations. Technically, it means that we find personal growth from adversity or tough times… and it’s totally worth developing.”   

He goes on to cite research that shows this task I’ve assigned myself—this finding silver linings in the middle of a pandemic—has real value.

It’s a silver lining to hear that this is scientifically sound (and that I’m not all that crazy after all)!