Walk #473 today:  two dogs, myself and one friend.  It was brisk but bright.  (Or, perhaps I should be a bit more truthful and call it what it really was:  cold! It is the end of December!)

When we reached the top of our hill, our dogs sprinted across the field… to greet two more dogs.  The energetic Retriever is three and a half; the other was an adorable little ten-week-old Border Collie.  She was a bit shy and wanted up into the arms of any person near her, and we were all too happy to comply. 

We chatted for a few minutes, starting (of course) with discussions about the dogs, their puppy antics, their “shark” teeth and their names.  Eventually we realized we should also introduce ourselves and explain where we lived. 

Turns out that one of the hikers and fellow dog owners has just moved into one of the houses. If you walk across fields, our houses are not that far apart.

We might have opted for a cup of warm tea and watching our pups play from a warmer area had it not been for COVID.  But meeting a neighbor?  That’s a nice silver lining!