“Do an audio book version,” my friend encouraged me.

I am easily persuaded.  I always assume that nothing can be that hard to figure out and that things won’t take that long.

Back in August, I started by finding a place to record myself reading my own book.  With only one call, that first step was checked off my list. 

When the recording quality turned out to have some technical glitches, and the wonderful folks at the Brattleboro Community Television offices told me I should re-record it, I was not phased.  It would just be another four hours or so; I could do that.  Just a small set back, nothing major, I thought.

The second time, I developed a system for writing down where I’d need to go back to edit.   This only served as further proof: making an audio book won’t be that big of a project. 

Other things took priority for the rest of the fall.  In early winter, I took a few hours to choose the music—the most fun part of the project yet.  The editing was all that remained, and, of course, it won’t take that long to do.  A few hours or so should serve for putting the music in the right spots, and deleting those problem areas. 

Well, today, I have finally delved into that last piece, the editing.  And guess what I discovered? 

Turns out that editing program is quite a bit more complex than I thought.  Even the most basic things have required watching YouTube videos and still a process of many trials and many errors. 

At the end of the day, I have precious little to show for hours of effort.  I am leaving the office full of frustration, feeling both stupid and silly.

The silver lining?  I have time on my side right now. 

(And does it surprise you to know that I also remain convinced that tomorrow I’ll be able to apply what I’ve learned today, and that I’ll move this project forward?  You do remember that I call myself “the eternal optimist”, right?)