Spring means lacrosse season. For our family, that has meant nine full years of attending games and practices–from the end of March all the way to the beginning of June.

Of course, that means that we will undoubtedly see all types of weather, too. We’ve learned to watch the weather. After one season of ridiculous temperature swings–even in one day, I even created “the lacrosse box”. The plastic tote contained fleeces for everyone, umbrellas, wool hats, gloves, rain jackets, hats to keep the sun out of your eyes, sunscreen and bug repellant. The box saved us much discomfort, and became somewhat famous amongst our lacrosse family friends.

This year, there is no lacrosse.

And yes, I really do miss it.

Today, as the snow came gently down, I was snuggled up next to the fire, dry and warm with my cup of tea and morning paper. It was not “normal”. I “should” have been layered up, trying to find the right angle on my umbrella.

So, OK, I’ll take this one day’s late spring snow during this lacrosse season with no games to attend … and I’ll turn it upside down into my silver lining for today.