The evening has been filled with Zoom call after Zoom call, but one of them makes me feel particularly happy:  the girls’ lacrosse team organizational meeting. 

Last year’s lack of spring sports, especially lacrosse, felt particularly sad.  The varsity team was expected to compete hard, even perhaps going all the way to the state championships.

It’s a new year, with a new coach, new teammates and new hopes for a great season.  The girls on the call are clearly excited to be able to play—and we parents are enthused to hear that we can watch, too.  The winter sports teams played in empty gyms, but the arrival of spring changes the restrictions.

I’ve been happy to have lacrosse start every year, although sometimes I have grossed about a bit in my head, thinking of the driving and the time it will take. 

But this year, it feels especially meaningful… and that makes it my silver lining for today.