Our supper includes one long-standing conversational topic, every night. And no, it doesn’t matter if the kids like this or not, nor does it change when we have guests.

It’s the famous–OK, “Tyler family famous”–two good things of the day. Each person has to name off two things that they particularly enjoyed about their day.

Although a constant favorite nearly always is “dinner” (kudos to my husband, the chief supper-maker in the house, by the way), the second is usually the more interesting. Tonight’s list included starting to watch a TV series, completing a task in the office, finishing a huge project that was due on a deadline today, playing with the rabbits and going for a hike.

Our oldest son is on his final days before the end of his junior year. There are massive projects and papers, rounded out with upcoming tests. He struggled a bit to find his “two good things”.

But, this simple act of sharing has a newfound significance to me today. We have not been present to watch his determination and dedication, because he’s normally living away from home. It’s a new silver lining to see him persevere and get it all done.