Our garden club president sent an email with a video link today.  This evening I’m enjoying listening to a great presentation about a famous Dutch landscape designer named Piet Oudolf.

The pandemic started closing things down this week one year ago today.  After a quick poll by email, our club decided to cancel our April meeting “out of an abundance of caution.” 

By May, we had cancelled every meeting for 2020 (although we did manage to schedule and hold one outdoors, with chairs set the requisite six feet part and masks worn by all).  By October, we readjusted 2021’s schedule with the hope of seeing vaccinations. 

I commend our president for her continual email updates.  Whenever she finds something that could be interesting to the club, she sends it along.  Some of us post to the Facebook group, too.

Today’s lesson about a Dutch landscape designer probably took her less than a minute to forward on to the club membership email list.  But it’s those little things that keep us connected… and bring new things to our attention as well.

That’s what I am finding for a silver lining today. 

(And, as an extra bonus… if you have a moment, try googling for images of gardens this genius has designed.  There are wonderful lines of silver color going through many of them, too!)